Facial peeling with acids

Facial peeling with acids

Discover the beauty of perfectly smooth skin on your face!

A double-action creamy peeling that contains both mechanical and physical exfoliating substances.

Almond and salicylic acid in combination with a bamboo abrasive, they are perfect for exfoliating dead epidermis cells.

Your skin will become more elastic, softer and firmer.

Already after the first use, you will notice reduced sebum secretion, and the structure of your skin will be more even.

Active ingredients:

- allantoin

- salicylic acid

- soybean oil

- vitamin PP

- almond acid

- Vitamin E

- bamboo abrasive

- witch hazel

- Acnacidol BG imitating Royal Jelly

- 10-hydroxydecanoic acid

Active ingredients
Almond oil
Bamboo abrasive
Salicylic acid
Soybean oil
Vitamin E
Vitamin PP
Witch hazel

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